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25 Years of Fix ALL

Over the last 25 years, Fix ALL® sealant and adhesives from Soudal have become a favourite in Construction, DIY and Industrial markets across globe. From the very first cartridge sold, over 25 years ago, the Fix ALL® brand has continued to evolve and diversify into the comprehensive range of hybrid polymer sealants and adhesives we know today.


Soudal was one of the first pioneers in the production, development and sale of hybrid polymers. Driven by the will to continuously improve and provide better for our customers, Fix ALL® is now recognised as one of the most innovative, trusted and loved hybrid polymer sealant and adhesive brands on the market. Fix ALL® products are based on our patented SMX® Hybrid Polymer Technology, developed through our pioneering chemistry to offer formulations with a choice of superior flexibility, superior initial grab, superior speed, superior bond strength, or a combination of these characteristics in both clear and coloured varieties.

All you need is... Fix ALL

The highly advanced range of multi-functional products are suitable for all your bonding and sealing needs, inside and outside, on all types of materials and surfaces. In other words, the ultimate all-round product. In total, 5 different variants of Fix ALL® have been developed, each with their own specific properties and characteristics. Fix ALL products are also available in a range of packaging formats, including 80ml Tubes, 290ml Cartridges and 600ml Foil Packs. No matter the size of the job, there is the perfect Fix ALL solution!

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Fix ALL Flexi White 290ml
Hybrid polymer sealant adhesive
Fix ALL Crystal 290ml
Hybrid polymer sealant adhesive
Fix ALL High Tack White 290ml
Hybrid polymer sealant adhesive
Fix ALL High Tack Invisible 290ml
Hybrid polymer sealant adhesive
Fix ALL Turbo White 290ml
Hybrid polymer sealant adhesive
Fix ALL X-treme Power White 290ml
Hybrid polymer bonding adhesive
Fix ALL Tapes

Fix ALL Tapes

We continue to invest in the Fix ALL brand, focusing on the development of new products, formulations and packaging solutions. The latest introduction into the Fix ALL family is our range of double-sided Fix ALL Mounting Tapes, available in both Ultra Strong and 100% Clear.

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Quick and easy bonding
  • High adhesive strength

All you need is Fix ALL...
Bond anything and everything, on any surface, in all conditions – even in the wet!

Fix ALL®