Bonding decorative mouldings

Bonding of decoration fixtures

Want to make small repairs or re-decorate? With Soudal Fix ALL adhesive, you can bond decorative materials including house numbers, shelves, mirrors and timber materials (i.e. architraves, skirting boards, window sills, etc.) in no time at all. The hybrid polymer adhesive range is suitable for use on ALL common building materials, allowing you to bond non-porous and porous materials onto nearly any surface. Perfect for DIY jobs in and around your home, for example:

  • Bonding a house number fixture onto the front of your house
  • Re-attaching a loose tile
  • Installing smoke alarms, shelving or even a coat rack

Use Fix ALL High Tack for immediate results, providing an instant grab (320kg/m2) to secure a fixture without clamping. Alternatively, Fix ALL Turbo is suitable for applications that need to be able to carry weight quickly, with rapid strength build-up and a fast curing time.


1. Preparations

Clean the surface that you wish to bond, removing all dust and grease.

2. Apply Fix ALL Turbo or High Tack

Use a cartridge gun to apply Fix ALL. Apply an adhesive dot every 15cm, or for maximum coverage on larger surfaces apply Fix ALL in zig zags. Be sure to place sufficient adhesive on the edges and corners.

3. Pressing

Firmly press the surfaces together you would like to bond. This will activate the instant grab properties of the adhesive and ensure the two substrates adhere to each other better.

4. Finish

Fix All Turbo will have set after 20 minutes and can carry weight after 3 hours. Fix ALL High Tack provides a near-instant grab; the ultimate end strength is obtained after approximately 24 hours.


  • If you are using Fix ALL in a bathroom or outside, apply the product in vertical lines. This will prevent water from accumulating on the zig-zags and penetrating the adhesive.
  • You can coat Soudal Fix ALL afterwards with most water-based paints.

The following is also useful:

  • Did you spill the product? As long as Fix ALL Turbo or High Tack has not cured, you can easily remove residue using a surface cleaner.

You can find the technical data sheets on the individual product pages. These technical sheets detail all information about the use, shelf life, properties and composition of Fix ALL Turbo or High Tack.

Fix ALL High Tack White 290ml
Hybrid polymer sealant adhesive
Fix ALL High Tack Invisible 290ml
Hybrid polymer sealant adhesive
Fix ALL Turbo White 290ml
Hybrid polymer sealant adhesive