Bonding of skirting boards and ornaments

Bonding of skirting boards

Skirting boards are used for both decorative and practical purposes. Skirting boards cover the join between the floor and wall helping you to achieve a neat and tidy finish when decorating a room, concealing any small gaps or rough edges. They also provide protection against against bumps and knocks when moving furniture or vacuuming. Installing skirting boards is made easy when using a high quality adhesive, and it is something you can do yourself!

How do I install skirting boards?

1. Calculate the material you need

Make a drawing of your room. Make a note of how long the skirting boards need to be for each wall, allowing you to calculate how many metres of skirting you will need in total. TIP: You will always lose some material after sawing. Therefore allow for an extra 10%.

2. Saw the skirting boards

Delineate the skirting board and saw them to the correct length. Use a mitre saw for the corners to achieve an angle of 45 degrees.

3. Apply adhesive

Clean, dry and make dust and grease-free the wall and the rear side of the skirting board. Apply Grip ALL Grab in a zig-zag across the entire length of the skirting board using a cartridge gun. Be sure to deposit sufficient adhesive on the edges and corners.

4. Stick the skirting boards onto the wall

Press the skirting board firmly against the wall to activate the grab properties of the adhesive. Block the skirting board using a solid weight.

5. Allow it to dry and seal

The adhesive will have hardened within 24 hours. You can seal the joints using Soudal Decorators Caulk.


  • Paint your skirting boards beforehand. This will save you from having to mask the edges while painting.

The following is also useful:

  • Did you spill the product? As long as Grip ALL has not cured, you can easily remove residue using Soudal Swipex Wipes.

You can find the technical data sheet on the individual product pages. This contains all information about the use, shelf life, properties and composition of Grip ALL Grab adhesives.

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How to install skirting boards

Products in video: Fix ALL High Tack & Parquet Sealant