Stone bonding

Bonding of non-load-bearing interior walls

PU Adhesive Foam is the perfect product for the assembly and bonding of non-load bearing walls of all types: solid, flat blocks, whether cellular concrete, brick, concrete, sand-lime, gypsum or similar. Soudabond Easy is a high-performance polyurethane adhesive foam available in Gun Grade, Hand Held and Genius Gun.


  • Extensive time savings; up to 50% faster than traditional cement or other powder adhesives
  • Simple, clean and ergonomic application with gun adapter
  • No more mixing, water or electricity required
  • Economical in use thanks to accurate dosing
  • Significant weight reduction compared to traditional cement or powder adhesives
  • High initial adhesion, even at low temperatures
  • Rapid hardening, ready for further finishing after only 1 hour (approx.)
  • 1 x 750ml canister = up to 25 kg of traditional mortar adhesive
  • Windproof
  • Perfect for compartmentalisation
  • Flexible bonding, not brittle
Soudabond Easy application

Suitable for most substrates and materials

  • Concrete*, brick*, natural stone, cellular concrete, sand-lime bricks, cement substrates, etc.
  • Metal substrates
  • Painted substrates
  • Wood substrates

* The use of adhesive foam to bond hollow concrete blocks is not permitted due to the relevant granted European patent protections.