About Soudal

The Soudal Group is building the future

The Soudal Group is the largest independent European manufacturer of sealants, adhesives and polyurethane foams for professional and private users. This Belgian family business, based in Turnhout and founded by Vic Swerts in 1966, has developed into an international player and expert in chemical construction specialities.

The group has 19 production branches on 5 continents, sales offices in 44 different countries and employs around 3,100 people worldwide. A long-term vision for innovation – with substantial investment in R&D – and adaptations to local market requirements have resulted in the success of the Soudal Group.

Soudal innovation


The research in and development of new products, product technologies and production methods is in our genes. A team of highly qualified researchers, engineers and technicians is continuously working on the development of new products and applications adapted to the specific requirements of customers in various countries. This has resulted in a number of pioneering innovative products, which have helped to strengthen the market position of Soudal. Innovation is, therefore, the driver for organic growth at the Soudal Group.

Facts & figures

A consolidated turnover of €835 million in 2018; 350 million sealant and polyurethane foam units produced in 19 production branches; around 3,100 employees worldwide; almost €59 million in investment in 2018: those are the impressive facts and figures of the Soudal Group.

Soudal Sustainably

Our activities

The Soudal Group manufactures products for its own brands and private labels covering 7 groups: silicones and other sealants, polyurethane foams, adhesives, hybrid polymers, technical aerosols and chemical building products. With its own brands the Soudal Group is focusing on 3 market segments: the construction, industrial and retail sectors.


The Soudal Group is leading the way in the development of products for sustainable construction, which are safe for people and the environment. As a result of the most modern production technology, energy, water usage, and residual waste is limited. It is obvious that the welfare of employees is another priority.

Quick Step Cycling Team


This quote by Lagae perfectly describes the main reasons why Soudal decided a few years ago to actively sponsor a number of sports. The basic values propagated by Soudal: hard work, perseverance and being better than your competitors - can also be found in these sports. It was back in 2011, that Soudal became the t-shirt sponsor of Westerlo, a first division football club in the Belgian premier league. A few years later, Soudal became involved in a number of cyclocross events, which were gaining in popularity. These relationships were primarily focused on the Belgian market. Based on the positive responses and the increased awareness of the Soudal brand in the Belgian market, the company signed a 6-year contract with the Belgian World Tour team in 2014. Since 2015, the Lotto-Soudal team represented the company at all large international competitions.  From 2023, Soudal is the official sponsor of the men's and women's cycling team Soudal Quick-Step and AG Insurance Soudal Quick-Step!

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