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We are delighted to announce that last weekend Soudal Ireland won 2 awards at the Hardware Show 2024. The largest hardware/building materials trade show in Ireland.

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This year we attended the Hardware Association Ireland exhibition, a brilliant opportunity to meet customers and provide an insight into a wider range of Soudal products.

New Soudal Compact Foam!

About us and our products


Still 100% family owned, Soudal maintains its family values of mutual respect, entrepreneurship and long term vision for over 50 years.


Soudal is a global company - present in more than 138 countries - that has a strong affinity to act locally.


Innovation is in our DNA: with high performing ecological products we offer solutions to increase energy efficiency and safety in buildings.

one stop shop

Soudal has a large range of construction chemicals and specialty products offering the possibility of one stop shopping for its channels.

pu foams

Soudal is the world's largest PU-foam manufacturer with more than 105.000.000 cans a year.


Soudal invests heavily to create a sustainable, safe and healthy environment for its employees and customers.