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Foil Packs

Episode 7: Foil Packs

For many years Soudal has invested in improving packaging solutions to offer customers a more sustainable choice. In 2002, we introduced foil packs to help significantly reduce waste and single-use plastic on-site.

Episode 6: PU Construction Adhesive

Episode 6: PU Construction Adhesive

PU Construction Adhesive is a highly water-resistant polyurethane with a rapid curing time. A very fast build-up of strength in 15 minutes and fully cured in 3 hours. Adheres to most porous and non-porous surfaces commonly used in the construction industry.

Product Talks: Repair Express

Episode 5: Repair Express Cement

The high-speed acrylic polymer-based formulation makes easy work of repairing holes and cracks in concrete and cement. Available in both grey and beige, Repair Express Cement is a fast curing formulation textured to replicate the appearance of the existing cement. It is ready-to-use without any mixing, ideal for quick and easy repair of mortar joints, Repair Express Cement has excellent adhesion on many mineral surfaces and is both paintable and sandable once cured.


Product Talks: Plasterboard Adhesive

Episode 4: Genius Gun Plasterboard Adhesive

Hear all about Soudal’s Genius Gun Plasterboard Adhesive, the fast curing polyurethane adhesive that replaces traditional mortar-based alternatives. Fully equipped with Soudal’s patented Genius Gun applicator, it is the perfect solution for bonding plasterboard panels to walls. Ready to use without mixing, which saves time, effort and money.


Product Talks: Gap Filling

Episode 3: Genius Gun Gap Filling Foam

Discover our patented applicator for applying expanding foam. Genius Gun Gap Filling Foam is a moisture-curing, expanding PU foam suitable for general filling of large holes, gaps and voids. The Genius Gun trigger mechanism provides optimum control, with a comfortable grip designed specifically for single-handed use.


Product talks: Fix ALL

Episode 2: Fix ALL High Tack

Fix ALL High Tack is a super-strong sealant and adhesive. With the ability to bond and seal ALL materials and ALL surfaces (except PE, PP and PTFE), High Tack is an advanced all-in-one hybrid polymer formulation. The high initial grab and impressive end strength (320kg/10cm²) makes High Tack the perfect choice for all heavy-duty bonding, inside and out. All you need is Fix ALL!


Product Talks: Grip All

Episode 1: Grip All Solvent Free

Check out the grab strength of Grip All Solvent Free, the adhesive with an instant hold. In this episode we test the capabilities of the product, demonstrating its firm grip when used on porous substrates. Grip All Solvent Free is a super-strong gap-filling grab adhesive using Soudal's unique Reinforced Bonding Technology. It has a powerful initial grab (300kg/m²) and a very high final bond strength.


Product Spotlight

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Grip ALL Solvent Free 290ml
Water based bonding adhesive
Fix ALL High Tack White 290ml
Hybrid polymer sealant adhesive
Trade PU Construction Adh 290ml
PU based construction adhesive