Insulation around windows and doors

Insulation around windows and doors

Insulation around windows and doors is easily achievable with Soudal Insulation Foam. Insulation around doors and windows is a great way to maintain an internal temperature as well as being more energy-efficient and saving you money in the long term. Insulation is also a great way to reduce sound pollution from external inputs such as traffic and human or animal life.

How to insulate around windows and doors?

1. Clean the wall around the window or door

Remove dust, grease and dirt.

2. Moisten the surfaces

Moisten the wall and the doorpost with a spray bottle filled with water. The foam then adheres better and the foam will harden better.

3. Shake the spray can vigorously

Put on protective gloves and safety glasses. Shake the Soudal Insulation Foam spray can for 20 seconds. Open the valve of the Genius Gun and raise the applicator straw.

4. Fill the opening between the window or the door and the wall

Hold the spray can upside down and spray Soudal Insulation Foam between the window or the doorpost and the wall. Fill the opening approximately 75%; the foam will expand further. Do you have to fill a large surface? Shake the can again regularly and moisten between the different layers. Leave to harden and cut away any excess foam.


  • Remove non-cured PU foam with Soudal PU Foam Cleaner.
  • Make sure you work in a well-ventilated space so the solvent propellants can escape.
  • A PU foam can be easily applied with one hand thanks to the Genius Gun applicator. You can also control the amount you use much easier and then re-use the can for up to 6 weeks. That is handy if you only want to do a few small jobs around the home.

The following is also useful:

  • Spilt and hardened PU foam can only be mechanically removed (sanded). On non-porous surfaces, you can first make the foam a little softer with Soudal PU Remover.

You can find the technical sheet and all information about the use, shelf life, composition of Soudal Insulation Foam by visiting the product page.

Insulation Foam Genius 750ml
PU foam with Genius applicator

Soudal Genius Gun


Snap-off blade

Plant sprayer with clean water


Safety glasses